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never stale.

Personality packed

I'm Cassie

iced coffee aficionado, Taylor Swift Easter egg analyst, cat mom, and your new copywriting BFF.

Say goodbye to boring copy. You have a story to tell and your people want to hear it! I write copy that hits your ideal customer right in their feels and makes them say “Ooooh, they get it!”

Your words should captivate your clients, develop personal connections to your brand, and get them to take action. Together we can do that!

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Hey, friend! 

Is your homepage a snoozefest?

The homepage of your website is like the entryway of your home. Welcome your customer to your home with an awesome homepage that’s full of personality and tells your story.

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Your customers           connection.



Content Marketing

Websites with blogs generate 67% more sales leads. What would you do with 67% more sales this year?! 

Website Copy

You should show up and show out online. Serve your ideal customer some with expertly written copy that sizzles more than the fajitas at a TGIF.

Email Marketing

 Remember the feeling when you see a card in your mailbox among the sea of bills and other junk? That is how you can make your people feel every time you show up in their inbox.

It’s time for you to spice things up! 

Like Emeril says,     

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and understands the needs of my business. She works efficiently and completes excellent work in a reasonable amount of time.

Becky Mandell
Becky’s Social Studies Corner

Cassie is a careful listener

Meet Cassie

I’m a true extrovert powered by coffee, Real Housewives, and genuine human connections

“Talks too much” –Every grade card ever from K-12.

I’m a talker. A storyteller. A social journalist. If you make eye contact with me at the grocery, I’m going to engage (You've been warned!).

Ya know, the thing that used to get me in trouble, is now the thing that makes me proud. It’s the quality that now allows me to show up and serve my client friends. I get to know people, I figure out how to make meaningful connections, and I talk (a lot).

I believe every business has an amazing story to tell and your people want to hear from the most honest, authentic, too legit to quit version of you. Listen, you’ve got to promote, promote, promote, and that involves a lot of talking. Sorry, friend, I don’t make the rules. Buuuuuut, since I’m already talking anyway, let me do the talking for you!

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

Quick Q&A

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What is copywriting?

Great question! Copywriting is essentially finessing the written word to land sales. It’s wording for websites, product descriptions, social media captions and posts, emails/newsletters, and so, so, so much more. It’s like the closest you can get to buying your ideal customer a cup of coffee and chatting for an hour without being able to actually do that (but how cool would it be if you could actually sit down for an hour with every one of your leads and catch up over an iced macchiato?!).

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Do I need a blog?

The short answer is…yup. The long answer is…yup. Content marketing is king (or queen!) right now and your business cannot afford not to take advantage of this easy peasy way to drive traffic, convert passive observers to loyal customers, and rake in that cold hard cash. 

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