I’ve spent the last decade teaching high school seniors how to write thesis statements, use a comma correctly, ace the ACT, and write fabulous college admissions essays. And let me tell ya, even though my job was to make sure they could do these things…that wasn’t really the job.

Hey! Hi! Hello!

*Taps Mic* Is this thing on?

So what the heck do high schoolers have to do with you?

Well, your ideal customer is out there, and they’re just like my former students. Without connections and relationships, they cannot soak up what you’re trying to tell them. You might’ve heard it said that content is king, and boy howdy, in this digital world, it really and truly is. BUT without establishing relationships and connecting to your people, without making them feel like “Ooooh, they really get me,” without hearing their pain points and understanding their needs, your words are just chatter.

The job was making connections and building relationships.

High schoolers are perhaps the toughest of tough crowds and especially seniors. They know it all, have seen it all, and done it all despite being only 17 years old. In order to convince them that I was in fact an expert in the content and actually had some important tidbits of info to impart into their young lives, I began with getting to know them, making sure they felt heard and understood, and relating my teaching content to their lives. Once they felt connected to me and saw a connection to the course content, they became sponges ready to soak up the learning.

making connections

My Mission:

I’m here to help you cut through the noise and communicate in ways that matter. 

to help businesses shout their stories in bold and authentic ways

How we got here

Learn about how I started copywritting

Graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education with a minor in English 

An enneagram 8 Scorpio was born and the world was never the same (j/k…kinda).

October 26, 1988

I changed my major from Marketing to Education for about the 5th time. Should’ve just trusted my gut ;)


December 2010 


Landed my very first teaching gig and realized that big ole fancy degree didn’t prepare me for what the job really is…making connections and forging relationships.

Started a job as a Career Placement Coordinator. While there I learned that my gift of gab an interest in psychology could come together like the rings in Captain Planet to form a super power…sales!  


Adopted the official Crafted Writer mascot and my very best friend, Charlie

September 2011

August 2012  


Got back to those ole marketing roots and graduated from Kent State University with my Master’s of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.

Started freelancing in the content marketing world without ever dreaming of scaling my side hustle beyond a few contract gigs. 


Got married to Dave, The Crafted Writer’s biggest cheerleader and fan, in the most perfect surprise wedding ceremony on our first dating anniversary in the exact spot we had our first date.

October 2016

May 2018


 After over a decade of teaching and freelancing, I launched The Crafted Writer to serve entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small businesses the best way I know how.


Currently booking new client friends and getting their ideal customers super excited to work with them! 


To the start


Connection over competition

Always assume         intentions


Don’t worry

about what you cannot control

Be a         friend 


The Crafted Writer’s values: 


I took a freelance gig in 2013 that felt super basic to me. I had to write content to connect a new florist to local brides. The goal for the florist was to generate sales. But my goal was to let area brides know:

  1. Hey, hi! We’re new here, but please know we exist to serve you!
  2. We get how you feel! Wedding planning is hard! Let us help you because you are important to us!
  3. We’re not like those other florists

In doing this work, it became clear to me that while it was an easy breezy task for me, it was not for most people.

I have never, not one time, in 34 years stopped talking. I crave connections. I genuinely want to know everything about everyone. I want people to feel seen, heard, celebrated, and appreciated, and people want to be made to feel that way. But it’s not easy for everyone to forge these connections and to communicate in this way.

Good copy is as close as you can get to having a cup of coffee with your ideal customer. You have a whole business to run, you do not have the time to try and DIY copy that is meaningful.

I realized I could serve business owners by writing great copy for them that makes their customers feel like they’re sitting knee to knee in a busy coffee shop sharing all the secrets and making really deep connections, and so The Crafted Writer was born!

Why The Crafted Writer?

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

Quick Q&A

What is copywriting?

Great question! Copywriting is essentially finessing the written word to land sales. It’s wording for websites, product descriptions, social media captions and posts, emails/newsletters, and so, so, so much more. It’s like the closest you can get to buying your ideal customer a cup of coffee and chatting for an hour without being able to actually do that (but how cool would it be if you could actually sit down for an hour with every one of your leads and catch up over an iced macchiato?!).


Do I need a blog?

The short answer is…yup. The long answer is…yup. Content marketing is king (or queen!) right now and your business cannot afford not to take advantage of this easy peasy way to drive traffic, convert passive observers to loyal customers, and rake in that cold hard cash. 


You need to make                  before you can
expect conversions.