In the winter of 2022 my client opened an IV therapy clinic and was struggling to get clients book. I rewrote her existing web copy to showcase the benefits of her services and simplify the service and product descriptions. This led to such an increase in business that by the spring of 2023 she was ready to expand her practice to include functional medicine. I was honored when she asked if I would take on the web copy for her new site.   

My client had already established a successful social media presence, but wanted to ensure if she woke up tomorrow and Instagram no longer existed, her brand would remain in tact. I developed an SEO strategy to help increase organic traffic in a highly competitive niche, which included a strategic content creation. 

This agency client needed a quick turnaround to position this limited time offer in front of their audience. 

I wrote a series of blogs to improve the search engine ranking of an Atlanta-based florist. The client's goal was to outrank other local florists and position themselves as Atlanta's premier wedding florist. 

My client was ready for a rebrand that included a new website to help strengthen his authority in the world of experiential marketing and brand activation. With clients like Red Bull and USF, we knew his site had to be as bold as his brand. I worked closely with web designer Izzy Waite Design to ensure cohesion between copy and design. 

Check out this SEO keyword rich blog post written for a client in the education industry. The client's goal was to create content that would improve search engine ranking while building an engaged subscriber list. 

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